September 16th, 2008

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cup of cooking oats with splash of soy milk, 2 tbsp stewed apple and pear, and 14 raisins

kavli rye crispbread with avocado and soy sausage, flavoured with lemon juice, paprika and sweet chilli sauce
organic apple and mango juice

tofu, leek, zucchini and garlic with soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce
5 lindt chocolate squares

pumpkin, cheese and sunflower seed roll from baker's delight
date and coconut roll
spoon of peanut butter

couscous with organic carrot, grilled red capsicum, swiss brown mushrooms and falafels, with sesame oil and soy sauce, with 3 mini pappadums
two and a half rows of cadbury dairy milk
brekky juice

a bit of banana
kavli rye crispbread with peanut butter and honey