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Sunday August 4

 So... because it was Sunday and there was a VEGGIE FEST in my hometown, I didn't really eat meals. I just kind of snacked all day.
Breakfastish- Almond Quinoa Muffin with red quinoa (meaning they're pretty) 
after breakfastish- Health Valley Slender Cereal with almond milk
"lunch" at the fest- coconut water (out of a coconut!), "raw"violi
"snacks" at the fest's food rah rah raw demo- a green smoothie, taste of raw hummus made with zucchini, some dipping veggies with a “better than peanut sauce” (BEST THING EVER) and a raw marinara sauce with zucchini pasta. 
"Dinner" that was more like a breakfast- blueberry corn muffins

Today so far has been: 
Pre-workout Breakfast- a banana and half of a almond quinoa muffin
Post-workout Breakfast- other half of muffin and a Weil pistachi-oh! bar
Mid-morning necessity- Lemonade mixed with Iced Green Tea
Lunch- leftover blueberry corn pancakes, some tortilla chips and a corn, black bean, & salsa dip. Man, that's a lot of corn.
Dinner? HMM... I'm thinking some leftover chickpea cutlets and steamed broccoli and spinach.
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